In the afternoon we have sports, artistic and musical activities to promote sportsmanship and creativity.


We promote sportsmanship, team play, fun and skill development with the different leagues in the city.


We promote passion for sports, physical growth and friendship with the different leagues in the city.

Tae Kwon Do

Through this discipline, you will not only learn the techniques of Taekwondo, but also essential values such as respect and perseverance. Participating in national and international competitions and ribbon changes.


Our Jazz activity focuses on creative expression, rhythm and technique, giving students the opportunity to participate in a show, full of joy, dedication and above all, passion in one of the best Theaters in Monterrey.


Develop your strategic thinking, overcome exciting intellectual challenges, learn lessons in patience and decision-making, and participate in local tournaments.

Musical Theater

Enjoy talented voices and live music that will move you, immerse yourself in dazzling choreography and dance, and experience the excitement of a semi-annual presentation in the best theaters in Monterrey.


Our painting activity for students awakens creativity and imagination. Through brushes and colors, we explore artistic expression, develop visual skills, and cultivate art appreciation in a space where every stroke counts.

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